Nursing Worklist for Cerner®

An application to check in a simple way and very intuitive, nursing tasks for a patient and manage them

Manage Nursing Tasks in any place thanks to SAP Fiori

From any device

The Nursing Worklist tool has been developed with a responsive design to allow using in any device type, making nursing work more flexible

Patient overview

Ward occupancy

Access to ward occupancy and see at a glance the overall tasks state

Patient Header

The header shows always information about the patient like name, age, allergies, diagnoses, risk factors…

Patient Summary

The summary allows to display registered information, like notes registered


Task list

A list for Nursing Tasks display all pending tasks in a period, which can be easily changing by shifts or specific date range

Task details

Application allows to display a detailed information about the task, like requested information, details, history or perform an action

Task actions

Some actions are allowed to perform like delay a task, cancel (choosing a cancel reason) and a quick complete

Try a demo

Explore application with an interactive demo


1 In the tiles, you can watch the occupancy by Ward.

Clicking you access to the occupancy

Step 1 image

2 The occupancy list display inpatient list with a general status of nursing tasks and the first pending task details

Click menu to change occupancy to ward 3

Step 2 image

3 Click Expand

Step 3 image

4 Click All rooms to display occupancy for Ward 3

Step 4 image

5 Here you can see two patients, Rian has all tasks at this moment done and Deet has a pending task

Choose Deet to access Patient Summary

Step 5 image

6 In the Patient Summary you can have an overview of the patient, 

In the bottom you'll see available applications for this patient, for now only Nursing Worklist is available, so access to it

Step 6 image

7 By default, you can see all pending tasks until the end of the current shift.

With Shift buttons you can move across them.

Click Next Shift to upcoming display tasks

Step 7 image

8 You can see also tasks in a time period.

Click Date Button

Step 8 image

9 We will chose current week, starting from Sunday 5th

Step 9 image

10 Until Saturday 11th

Step 10 image

11 Here you can see al tasks in selected period.

Click Current Shift to back to our shift

Step 11 image

12 Clicking a task you can see the details

Step 12 image

13 Here you have details for Physician Order task.

Choose Nursing Service Oral Care to see the details

Step 13 image

14 Now, it's suppose that we already accomplished Physician Order, so back to it to complete the task

Step 14 image

15 Click Actions

Step 15 image

16 And choose Quick Completion to end the current task

Step 16 image

17 Task is completed, so it is removed from the task list

Step 17 image

18 Go Back to occupancy to check the patient global task status

Step 18 image

19 Go Back again

Step 19 image

20 Now, you can see that next task is planned for 13:00 and status is "Pending Task in current shift", but we cannot perform this task in current shift, so we're going to postpone.

Go again to task list

Step 20 image

21 Choose Nursing Worklist application

Step 21 image

22 Check task Oral Care

Step 22 image

23 Click Actions

Step 23 image

24 And Delay

Step 24 image

25 Delay 3 hours, until 16:00

Step 25 image

26 Click Apply

Step 26 image

27 Go to Next shift to check task time

Step 27 image

28 Here is task with new time

Go Back again to check the patient general task status

Step 28 image

29 Back again

Step 29 image

30 Here is the task, scheduled to 16:00 in the next shift, so all tasks are done until current shift.

Now we're going to check again tasks for next shift

Step 30 image

31 Go to Nursing Worklist

Step 31 image

32 Go to Next shift

Step 32 image

33 Here we've got two tasks in the same time, but second task is wrong, so we're going to cancel it

Choose task Oral Mucous Membrane Protection

Step 33 image

34 Click Actions

Step 34 image

35 Click Cancel

Step 35 image

36 Here you can choose the cancel reason, we're going to cancel it by an error.

Click Apply

Step 36 image

37 Task has been cancelled, so it disappears from the list

Step 37 image

38 Feel free to contact us to request a demo

Step 38 image

39 Feel free to contact us to request a demo

Step 39 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners